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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ good morning. we have breaking news in san francisco. right now all lanes blocked in the southbound direction of 19 right before hallaway. traffic is being diverted off right before holloway. this is the area to avoid this morning. more information as we get it. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in novato where we have a dead body mystery. police are not calling it a homicide, not even saying who it is. not even saying if this was the man's wife who may have been in the backyard is involved. story in a live report. >> also in the headlines, after hours of debate, san francisco's
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police commission votes to move ahead with a study of tasers for the sfpd. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where officials are thinking of changing the name of the airport all in the name of marketing. the story straight ahead. >> and a good morning to you. it is rather quiet. we do have a few radar returns showing up on live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where those are and the timetable for the rain and snow in your neighborhood and how much you'll get. >> mike, thank you very much. it's 6:01 on this thursday morning and megan is keeping track of this big accident on 19th avenue. it's in the area of san francisco state university. all the alums are going to be mad at me now in the vicinity of sfsu. we'll keep track of it for you. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. if you think the name of norman san jose international airport is long now, wait until you hear
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its proposted new monna kerr, one that will give the struggling airport a boost. >> oh, but kristen, where is the flair in sjc. come on, you need to add something with a little more zip to it like silicon valley. look at the sign behind me. the name is already so long. the monatta san jose silicon valley international airport. what do you think? rolls right off the tongue, right? the idea is that the term silicon valley is known worldwide and it should be used to market this airport. manetta was added in 2001 after norman manetta. nobody is saying anything negative about his name or honoring him. they're saying silicon valley has more zip to it. they might add it. passengers aren't so sure about
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this. >> wouldn't have any impact on me at all. for me it's all about convenience, location, where i need to get to. >> i don't think that will have too much effect on how many people come and use this airport. i think san jose international is good for now. >> notice he was from walnut creek and he came to san jose for a flight this morning to colorado. he did not go to oakland which is a big competitor for this airport. oakland is what has people here so worried. more people fly out of oakland than san jose. officials would like to change that. although that passenger from walnut creek told me he came here because the flight was cheaper, not because of the shiny new terminal, not paying attention to the name, he's just looking to save some money and that's why he's here. let me know about what you think about this new name and if it will help. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you very much.
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it's 6:03 now. a case worthy of an alfred hitchcock movie. they will be in somebody's backyard to continue unearthing a body. they were called as a missing person's investigation. terry, you asked the question earlier: is this foul play or is it something else? >> well, the very same person that said this is like an alfred hitchcock movie is also asking that question. i'm talking about the attorney for the woman who is a suspect in this place. take a picture of the excavation in the backyard out here on rebecca way in novato. fbi called them because of their expertise when it comes to excavation and maintaining a crime scene. dale smith reported missing by
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neighbors two weeks ago, they say he lived here with his wife evelyn but haven't seen him in months. evelyn did give police permission to go in that backyard and start digging but has since stopped talking to police from the advice of the aforementioned attorney. she's been talking about dale in the past tense but is there a more innocent explanation than murder. >> obviously the cause of death will lead us in different directions if it's determined this in fact is a homicide. >> now, dale smith, according to neighbors, had cancer. and evelyn's attorney hue levine says one scenario is that he simply died as in naturally, that he was not killed. he is also saying that there is the possibility that it could be a misdemeanor out here because it's a misdemeanor to improperly dispose of human remains. i can tell you this, we were just talking to novato police out here and they're saying they
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want to get the excavation going sooner than later because of the weather. they don't want that rain to come out here and contaminate the crime scene. get the body up and out of here, get as much evidence as they can. they should be here 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. >> terry, thank you. the san francisco police commission voted 6-1 last night to allow the police department to study the use of tasers by officers. the commission's approval to move the issue forward comes nearly one year after shooting down a similar proposal. last march the commission voted 4-3 against a similar request. by then police chief george gascon to study the use of tasers. gascon is now the district attorney and the commission has three new members on the panel. ed lee also noted yesterday that he supported a study of the issue. interim police chief says the department will now conduct the study and present the findings to the commission in 90 days.
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>> the union that represents san jose police is taking to the airwaves, billboards and newspapers with a message: don't cut cops. the city is facing a $110 million deficit and may have to lay off officers for the first time in the city's history. city leaders say if san jose police officers took a 10% cut in pay, the department could save 112 jobs. the union says that still isn't enough to avoid the threat of another 237 layoffs which they say is unacceptable. >> yeah. we can give 'em a cut in pay but that's still not gonna stop them from laying off our officers. quite frankly, with our staffing, we can't afford to lose one officer, let alone 237. >> i think with concessions and other changes like the way we handle things like sick leave, payout, overtime we could avoid layoffs. >> the police union's media campaign has already begun with a full-page ad in local newspapers yesterday.
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next week their don't cut cops message will also be posted on billboards. they'll even have a tv spot. >> 100 young people staged a somber procession to remember two classmates. students held candles as they walked through the shell ridge open space. the two friends drowned saturday while rafting down the rain-swollen walnut creek. >> well, hayward police have now arrested a man who they say may be responsible for more than 20 armed robberies across the east bay. the robberies targeted drug stores and fast food outlets like this sandwich shop in fremont. it included heists at three different walgreens. they captured the man after officers spotted a vehicle that matched one used in the robbery of a walgreens a few minutes earlier. >> back to the breaking news that megan is tracking.
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19th avenue southbound totally blocked near san francisco state university. >> megan? >> that's right. this is the place to avoid right now. we're following an injury crash involving a car that rolled over. it's before you approach who will away. traffic is diverted off right off holloway. they have all lanes blocked. we are sending sky 7 over the scene of the crash to get more details but i can tell you now, avoid this area southbound 19th avenue at holloway. mass transit is always good option to avoid these delays and no delays in mass transit right now. let's get a check of weather with mike. >> thought we'd do a little show and tell or a little picture to start with. this is what it looked like near walnut creek. these the last time we had a good snow around the bay area all around near the valley
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floor. thank you very much, ann, for sending us that. picking up a few radar returns around the south bay. still haven't received any confirmation these are making it to the ground. a few sprinkles possible, even a few flurries in the santa cruz mountains. the frozen weather still to our north, still moving west to east more than north to south but it will start accelerating southbound over next couple hours. 1 to 9 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. puts us in the upper 30s livermore, los gatos. low to mid-40s for the rest of us. this afternoon rain everywhere. elevation still around 3,000 feet during the daylight hours. temperatures will be in the low 50s in most neighborhoods. once the sun sets or getting near 4:00, snow levels will quickly drop in the north bay down to 1,000 feet. drop in other areas down to 1,000 feet around tomorrow morning into the midmorning. a possible freeze after the
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precipitation. >> worries me that we have this big accident even before the rain and snow starts so be especially careful. it is 6:11 now. >> just ahead, the federal help coming to town today that could save thousands of bay area homeowners from foreclosure. homeowners from foreclosure. >> plus the south bay paul ? oh, hey, charlene. what are you doing ? this is to help me with my online investing. i'm so overwhelmed by jargon and trading tools and data that i need to get as much blood to my brain as possible, just to make sense of it all. touch the ball. whoa ! get sharebuilder from ing direct. hey, my headache's gone.
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oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it! well good for you! [ male announc ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso stan'n stuff taco shells. old el paso. feed your fiesta. welcome back. i'm megan. we're following breaking news in san francisco. an injury crash that rolled over has all lanes blocked southbound 19th avenue. emergency crews on the scene there are diverting traffic off at holloway this is is the san francisco state area and the place to avoid right now. more details in just a few minutes but now more news with eric. >> more breaking news as well. toyota has just announced it
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will recall more than 2 million vehicles in the united states to address issues with gas pedals that could get trapped in floor mats or jammed under carpet. the affected vehicles include various 2006 and 2007 lexus models and 2006 and 2007 toyota highlander, rav 4. they have recalled 14 million vehicles over safety problems since 2008. again, this was just announced moments ago and we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more details as we get them. >> if you're in danger of foreclosure there's an opportunity today to work out a solution. a helpful homeowners community event will be held in san jose all day. homeowners can meet face-to-face with their mortgage lender and a housing counselor. the event sponsored by the obama administration runs from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the san jose convention center. we have the details on our website under "7 on
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your side." >> it's 6:15 now. san jose state is planning a major upgrade of its athletic facilities. five separate upgrade projects will be privately funded and built on land on the south campus owned by the csu system. the upgrades include a $10 million football complex, a state of the art scoreboard inside the stadium and new football practice fields. they hope to break ground after the 20 -- 2011 season. >> thousands of flopping seagulls have been making it their home since september. neighbors, however, aren't too fond of the uninvited guests saying the birds get into fights
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and drop a lot of -- they are looking at options to evict the birds. if you've ever seen the movie. we don't have phone booths. >> at least they're not canadian geese either. >> they're vicious. no phone booth to hide in with the snow coming down in either. >> better have an umbrella or just a warm fire at home to watch the event. the way it looks february 5th, 1976, at santa clara university. some of the students out there enjoying some of the big fat flakes that fell down to the valley level. that is very unusual. thank you deborah lopes for sending in that awesome picture. outside with live doppler 7 hd. we would see that we have some light rain falling in novato and also some light radar returns
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around the peninsula and into the south bay. so we're getting a few what they call scout showers p in front of the cold front. as we look from mount -- where are we -- sutro, mount sutro. sutro tower there, thank you. you can see over the last hour some of those radar returns increasing as the winds start to come ashore and some of that moisture. a few sprinkles for the morning commute. what happens at 4:00 this afternoon. that's when the snow levels start at 2500 feet, drop down to 1,000 feet during the overnight hours. 1 to 6 inches of snow from 2500, even more than 6 inches above 2500 feet. lake county, a lot of viewers, get a lot of pretty pictures when it snows. expecting more out of this one. 1 to 2 inches clear lake. let's head back to the east bay hills and diablo range and santa
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cruz mountains under a winter weather advisory but doesn't begin until 10:00 this evening. snow, more than 9 inches 3,000 feet. an inch possible around 1,000 feet. we have pretty much low to mid-40s except los gatos and santa rosa upper 30s. we have upper 30s to low 40s monterey bay and inland. monterey 47 degrees. rain heaviest this evening, the snow accumulating down to 1,000 feet, maybe a little accumulation for tomorrow. low 50s for most of us. most of us will be wet during the day. may hit mid-50s inland. tonight tapering of the showers after the cold front has passed. mid to upper 30s inland, low to mid-40s around the bay. 7:00 this morning, see those showers continuing to the south. moving to the north bay by 1:00, all of us getting rain by 6:00.
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the cold air moving in by 7:00 tomorrow morning. snow level down to 1,000 feet by friday evening but notice most of the moisture is gone by the time the snow level drops down to around 1,000 feet. saturday sunshine, cold in the 50s. half inch to an inch of rain is possible out of this system. mid to upper 40s saturday, sunday and monday before more rain tuesday and wednesday. megan. >> we are following an injury crash in san francisco right now that has all lanes blocked, southbound 19th avenue right at holloway. this involves a crash where the car rolled over. we have fire crews and ambulance crews on the scene. they're diverting traffic off holloway, all lanes blocked 19th avenue. it is the place to avoid right now. we have sky 7 hd flying to the scene to bring us live pictures of the crash. let's get a check right now of drive times heading through this thursday morning commute from highway 85 to 101, 13 minutes.
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right now you're looking at 20 minutes to make your way westbound 4 from antioch to the concord area and almost a half hour to make your way through the altamont pass westbound 580 to 205, 680. the east shore freeway, those headlights moving westbound on interstate 80. the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 21 minutes. it's starting to get a little crowded there. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights not on yet. no problem making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. for the latest traffic updates go to our website and click on the traffic link. eric, kristen? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 6:21 now. >> have you ever had a pet rock? >> no. >> me neither but a lot of people have and we'll show you what that and the california honey bee all have in common. >> the new tablet computer coming today that so
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6:24 now. motorola's challenge to the eye pad goes on sale today. it runs the honeycomb operating system designed specifically for tablets. the zoom has cameras but it will also cost about $200 more than the i-pad unless you commit to a two-year $20 a month contract with verizon. >> what do the pet rock, the frozen waffle and the california honey bee all have in common. all honored as silicon valley firsts. it was hosted by create tv last night, the result of an online contest called firstfest which honors events, ideas and personal accomplishments that happened first in the south bay. included apple's cofounder, also a judge. it includes the first permanent
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mountain top observatory and the first celebrity skater of the mountain area, peggy fleming. >> whether to arm san francisco police officers with tasers. >> plus the vote coming today that could dramatically change the rules on how utilities report so-called pressure spikes in gas pipelines. >> have you seen this man? if you have, you may be able to help oakland police track down a possible sexual predator. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in novato where the rain is beginning to fall, exactly what investors did not need as they tried to figure out the identity of a body they found in a backyard here. they're not who he is, how he died and why the missing man's wife isn't talking to police anymore. more after the break. >> temperatures across the country, 80 in miami to 8 degrees below zero. that's the high in great falls. the threat of spring-type seaver weather. that could cause flight delays dallas, memphis, st. louis,
6:27 am
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for recipes and valuable coupons, go to to add a little happy to almost any meal. french's. happy starts here. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. at 6:30, the opening bell has just rung to start the trading day. the nasdaq and fewer people requested unemployment benefits last week pushing the four-week unemployment average to its lowest level more than two and a half years. we'll go live to wall street, see how investors are digesting that news in about 15 minutes. >> we know rain is on the way but we will see snow, the upcoming storm. >> let's start with live doppler 7 hd.
6:31 am
we can show you what's going on already with storms out ahead of the main precipitation as the moisture's returning to the bay area this morning. you can see they're moving from northwest to southeast mainly along the peninsula into the bay and into the south bay and upper elevation snow around mount hamilton and the santa cruz mountains but it's very, very light. almost just a little more than a sprinkle and most of it's staying out of the north bay north of novato right now. the main system's to our north, should start bringing snow to the north bay by 4:00, the rest of us 10:00 this evening. first a pretty good accident and here's megan with the details. >> we have sky 7 hd flying over the scene of an injury crash in san francisco that has all lanes blocked. closed between winston and holloway. traffic diverted off. we have emergency crews on the scene, major injury crash with a car that rolled over. this is the place to avoid right
6:32 am
now and it is near san francisco state university. all lanes now blocked, southbound 19th avenue at holloway. kristen. >> thank you, megan. we'll continue to follow that for you. right now novato police will be back in a north bay backyard to continue excavating a body they discovered there yesterday. the home belongs to an elderly couple and the husband is missing. terry mcsweeney is live in novato with the mystery. >> adding to the mystery, the complications out here, a light rain falling, not what investors need when they're trying to thoroughly investigate the discovery of a body in the backyard of that house. they found it yesterday evening. take a look at the activity out here last night, not just novato police but f.b.i. called in because of their expertise when it comes to excavating bodies. you see the blue tarp in the picture. it may well be over the body of a man who lives in this house out here and was reported
6:33 am
missing by neighbors two weeks ago. his name is 74-year-old dale smith and neighbors say his wife's name is evelyn. she lived out here with him, and she did not report him missing. neighbors did. now, she is no longer answering questions about the discovery of a body under a brick patio. >> well, the case is full of unusual circumstances so i'm not gonna comment whether that is suspicious in itself but i think you can draw your own conclusions. >> january the neighbor approached me again and said she had talked to evelyn and evelyn spoke about dale in the past tense. that alerted her that something was up. >> might be a more innocent explanation than a homicide out here. evelyn's attorney is quoted in the chronicle as saying that dale perhaps died a natural death, and he then offered it's only a misdemeanor to improperly dispose of human remains. is that what happened to dale?
6:34 am
is that what evelyn did? neighbors said he had cancer. perhaps he died and she buried him back here. why would she do that? that leads down a whole another road. what we know is there's a body in the backyard of this house and investors hope to be here in the next hour or so to get going before the rain comes down and contaminates the evidence in the backyard. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:34 now. oakland police are hoping someone can help them identify a sexual assault suspect who was captured on surveillance video. this man is suspected of beating and sexually assaulting a woman inside her apartment complex near oakland's chinatown. it happened february 7th. detectives are trying to determine if the attack is linked to three other assaults late last year. they all happened east of lake merritt which is not far from the scene of this assault. >> voted 6-1 to allow the police
6:35 am
department to look into the use of tasers by officers. moving the issue forward comes a year after shooting down a similar proposal. last march they voted 4-3 from a request of george gascon to study the use of tasers. gascon is now the district attorney and the police commission is bringing in panel members. the department will study the taser issue and present its findings to the commission in 90 days. >> more breaking news. toyota has just announced it will recall more than 2 million vehicles in the u.s. to address issues of gas pedals that could get jammed or caught under carpets. they include the 2006 and 2007 lexus models as well as 2006, 2007 highlander, rav 4 and other toyota models. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you more details as we get them.
6:36 am
>> this afternoon state regulators are scheduled to vote implementing new regulations for utilities operating pipelines in the state. they will consider new reporting requirements if they spike above legal limits. but critics say the changes would not do enough because they would apparently not require pg&e or other utilities to notify regulators if natural gas levels exceed legal limits during planned pressure surges. the new requirements would still allow pg&e to continue the same activities that could have caused the san bruno pipeline to weaken before last september's explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> 6:36 now. just a few hours away from the precipitation mike's been telling us about. >> right. the big stuff. it's coming. >> right, it's coming. first rain and then its alter ego. >> yes.
6:37 am
heatmizer went out and then snowmizer comes in and takes over. here are some of the different warnings and advisories we have. let's start in the north bay and this is for the north bay mountains where we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning. as we head down to the south, we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 tomorrow evening for the east bay hills, the diablo range and the santa cruz mountains. what that means, that's when the snow is going to fall before those time frames. let's put it in perspective how it sets up today. scattered showers developing in the santa cruz mountains. those will hang around until 8:00. a few scattered light showers in the north bay, temperatures low to mid-40s. by noon more coverage, especially across the north bay and starting to develop in the rest of the bay. temperatures upper 40s to near 50 but everything's falling as liquid at noon. then as we head to 4:00 you see the snow start to develop in the north bay mountains and also
6:38 am
mount hamilton and mount diablo. so the snow level will be around 3,000 feet. once the sun sets around 6:00, that's when the snow levels drops to 1,000 feet overnight and accumulating snow begins. friday's high in the mid-40s. sum saturday, mid-40s and hard freeze both of those mornings. here's megan with an accident update. >> we're following an injury crash now that has all lanes blocked southbound 19th avenue in san francisco. sky 7 hd flying live over the scene. this is at holloway. this involves a vehicle that rolled over. emergency crews are diverting traffic off at buckingham way. no estimate yet when these lanes may reopen but judging from the scene of the crash, probably not until at least 7:00 this morning. this is a san francisco state university area and it is the place to avoid this morning.
6:39 am
also let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on and we have a backup to that west grand overcrossing, 10 to 15 minutes to wait before heading into san francisco. 680 heading southbound right now, no delays through this area and the earlier road work through the sycamore valley has been cleared on 680. let's go to maps for our other slow spot, you guessed it, westbound 4 out of antioch towards concord. >> megan, thank you very much. it's 6:39. >> trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. here's a live look at the big board. the dow pretty flat, just down 4 points. >> the very latest on the spreading protests in libya and the new military tactic that's being criticize the worldwide. >> is it arts or advertising? the discovery that's touched off the new battle over the size of a san francisco building. >> why do you come to the san jose airport?
6:40 am
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♪ breaking news in san francisco right now. all lanes are blocked southbound 19th avenue between buckingham way and holloway from a crash and rollover. this is the place to avoid. it's near san francisco state university. once again all lanes blocked between buckingham way and holloway. mike? >> let's start with your california forecast where we have sunshine and no threat of precipitation. should be dry in fresno, 56.
6:44 am
once you hit big sur northward and yosemite northward, that's where we have valley rain and mountain snow. let's head to tahoe where we have a winter storm warning in effect for 4:00 this afternoon to 4:00 saturday morning. quite a wide range window there. from 1 to 2 feet of snow at lake level and blowing snow could be whiteouts, blizzard conditions during that time frame. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. it's 6:44 now. in new zealand hopes are waning this morning for finding more survivors following the devastating earthquake in christ church. 200 are missing including tourists in the aftermath of the 6.3 magnitude quake. rescue workers have determined there's no chance of finding survivors at the two most heavily damaged sites. they have serious concerns for those missing and urge people to
6:45 am
give police any information that might help identify remains. >> fatalities from a number of countries from around the world. how many people truly are actually in the quake is a different issue. >> authorities say many of the 98 bodies of that been recovered have not been identified and some could be those reported missing. >> 6:45. in libya more members of moammer gadhafi's have been affected. qaddafi himself is on a rant this morning blaming osama bin laden for the uprising. abc 7's jenelle wang is live in the news room with these new developments. >> that's exactly right, kristen. libyan officials have a warning for foreign journalists that enter the country illegally. tens of thousands of foreigners doing contract work in libya are
6:46 am
trying to flee the country. hundreds of americans are stuck because of high winds and rough seas. one passenger says they feel like sitting ducks but the u.s. says they are safe and as soon as the weather clears they will make an eight hour journey. protestors have gained control of key eastern cities, including the second largest city. they lit fireworks to celebrate and two military pilots disobeyed orders this week to bomb and instead ejected out of their war planes and another top aide to qaddafi has defected and fled to egypt. on al-jazeera tv, one of the long-trusted lieutenants spoke out against him. >> he cannot use the armed forces of libya because they are libyans and they are faithful and honest people. they will not kill them because killing their cousins and uncles and friends, it means that they are killing themselves. >> the violence is still
6:47 am
apparent today. a libyan army unit loyal to qaddafi used automatic weapons to kill protestors holed up in a mosque in tripoli. estimated 100 protestors have been killed this week. president obama is considering sanctions against libya and the unrest there is causing oil prices to skyrocket. it hit $100 a barrel for the first time in three years. could mean an extra 8 cents per gallon in the near future. >> jenelle, thank you very much. 6:47. >> bloomberg's jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with our "moneyscope" report. jane? >> hi, eric and kristen. i'm sure a lot of parents are asking. may be harder than the kids to buy. you know those virtual guns you can get with the games or mobile devices. the games are actually free to download but here's where they get you, playing anywhere from a
6:48 am
few cents to hundreds of dollars. one second grader spent $1400 for games. lawmakers are taking a look into that. general motors here this morning actually is trading up. less than 1% but costs for making new vehicles rose but gross durable goods orders and weekly jobless claims after a couple of days of pretty sharp selloffs. we see oil prices rising again here today. they're still right around $100 a barrel. the bloomberg silicon valley index is trading down slightly. i'm jane king. >> jane, thanks a lot. 6:48. >> about 7 hours the space shuttle "discovery" lifts off for its final mission. "discovery"'s final mission has been delayed nearly four months because of repairs to the
6:49 am
external tanks support beams. it's the workhorse of the fleet and has already spent 352 days, almost a year in orbit in its 26-year career. nasa used "discovery" for the first post-accident flights following the challenger and columbia disasters. today's launch is scheduled for 1:50 p.m. pacific time. >> those people don't know they're on tv in san francisco, do they? >> no, they don't. >> gray before the storm, mike. >> scattered showers showing up on live doppler 7 hd already. and the cloudy conditions are going to continue to thicken and the rain will continue to get heavier during the afternoon hours. these are scout showers, just out ahead of the main path as the moisture is returning already this morning. you see the rain from marin county through the peninsula down into the south bay. even some snow on hamilton. a little snow trying to develop in the santa cruz mountains. but, again, just scattered
6:50 am
showers. the heavier stuff moves in later today. let's take a look outside and show you a beautiful picture of the sunrise, downtown san francisco. let's get you updated on all the advisories. north bay we have a winter weather advisory for 4:00 today until 10:00 tomorrow morning. snow level drops to 1,000 feet where we could have an inch of snow. lake county for all you viewers up there, you're going to get some nice snow, 1 to 2 inches at the lake, 4 to 8 inches in the higher terrain. your winter weather advisory until 4:00 tomorrow morning. the east bay hills, the diablo range in the santa cruz mountains, 10:00 tonight through 10:00 tomorrow night, winter weather advisory, more than 9 inches of snow 3,000 feet. an inch of snow possible down to 1,000 feet. as far as temperatures, be prepared for upper 30s in santa rosa, los gatos. everybody else in the low to
6:51 am
mid-40s. upper 30s to near 40 the monterey bay and inland. 47 monterey. rain today, heaviest this evening, rain and snow showers tonight, accumulating snow as we talked about down to 1,000 feet, maybe down to 500 feet but by then the moisture's almost gone. low 50s up even farther north of ukiah, mid to upper 40s. low to mid-50s the monterey and rain moving in the afternoon hours. more scattered tonight, temperatures mid to upper 30s inland, low 40s around the bay. how this plays out, 7:00 this morning, showers to the south. everybody starting to get showers 1:00, definitely wet by 6:00. you can see the cold front move through, scattered showers, snow down to about 2500 tomorrow morning. the snow level drops to 1,000 feet by noon but, look, there's not much moisture around. that's why the snow levels at 1,000 feet will only be about an inch. once this passes, hard freeze
6:52 am
possible everywhere saturday night and also again sunday night. by tuesday and wednesday temperatures back near 60 but also rain back in the forecast. a look what has happened february 5th, 1976 on the valley floor. santa clara university, look at the students enjoying what a rare treat. looking forward to the pictures from this event. if you have those, send them in. we'd love to see them. megan? >> good morning. we have sky 7 hd flying live over the scene of an injury crash in san francisco that has all lanes blocked. southbound 19th avenue between buckingham way and hallway. as you can see from these live pictures, this involves a truck that flipped over on its side. traffic is diverted off at buckingham way. this is the san francisco state university area. it's the place to avoid right now. the detour buckingham way to lake merced boulevard to
6:53 am
buckingham way. but this is the place to avoid, 19th avenue southbound, all lanes blocked right now. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on and a backup to west grand overcrossing. a live look in the berkeley area of interstate 80. it's getting crowded. headlights had are moving westbound and the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 22 minutes. taking mass transit this morning, it's a good idea. no delays, everything is running on schedule. you can always check traffic by going to our website at and clicking on the traffic link. kristen? >> megan, thank you. a san francisco property owner is now battling the city over an historic billboard. during recent remodelling, the owner discovered a 1940s era coca-cola sign painted on the facade and decided to restore it. that's when the trouble began. the city says it violates billboard regulations and asked the owner to remove it or take
6:54 am
out a permit by today. the owner said he's not getting paid by coca-cola so it's not a billboard. he's trying to save a historic park in the neighborhood. >> recapping our top stories, novato police and the f.b.i. are trying to beat the rainy weather and excavate a body found in the backyard of a missing north bay man. >> terry mcsweeney live at the scene with the latest. >> a lot of unanswered questions out here. a couple things we know for a fact, a body has been found in the backyard of that house across the street from me and the rain's coming down interfering with the investigation. take a look at pictures from last night. novato police joined by the f.b.i. digging up a body in the backyard of this home here on rebecca way in novato. 74-year-old dale smith is the man who lives in this house and he has been missing at least two weeks. his wife evelyn smith is a suspect in this investigation but she is no longer talking to police. the neighbors say the two were
6:55 am
married for 15 years and that he had cancer. enter into the picture evelyn's attorney who is now saying to the chronicle that it's a possibility he died naturally and he points out it is only a misdemeanor to improperly dispose of human remains. add it all together, add in the rain, a whole lot of questions and not a lot of answers -- we hope to have them soon -- investigators expect to be out here 8:00 at the latest to start digging up that body. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. the other top story of the morning from amy hollyfield. >> there's a new idea floating around san jose this morning and it's a mouthful. it's regarding the name of the airport which is already long. take a look how it fills up the sign here. imagine adding to that silicon valley international airport. they're thinking about adding silicon valley to the name to make it more attractive, appealing. officials say silicon valley is a term known around the world so
6:56 am
maybe people will come here from all over the world if they realize this airport is in silicon valley. officials are trying to do something because they need more passengers. san francisco and oakland get more people than san jose does and officials want to change that. passengers tell us they think it's a mouthful and the name isn't what they're paying attention to. they're looking for convenience and cheap tickets. let me know what you think. weigh in on my page. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thanks a lot. >> online they all have three-letter codes, all of them. final check on the weather. >> be prepared for wet weather by noon most areas, definitely everywhere during the evening commute. snow levels 3,000, 3500 feet. it will drop to 2500 feet overnight and drop to 1,000 feet in the evening. most of the rain will be gone by the time the snow level drops down to that so we could get a
6:57 am
little dusting tomorrow evening if you get caught under one of these snow showers. watch out for the freezing temperatures saturday night and sunday. megan. >> sky 7 hd flying live over the scene of an injury crash in san francisco that has all lanes blocked southbound 19th avenue between buckingham way and hallway. this does involve a crash where pickup trucks flipped over. traffic diverted off at buckingham way. best detour to lake merced boulevard to brotherhood way. this is the place to avoid right now. our other slow spot this morning, the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and a backup to the west grand overcrossing. >> let's hope we don't see more accidents with the rain coming so please drive carefully. that's it for this edition of the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update and join us for the midday news at 11 at which point
6:58 am
we're only a few hours
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